Tanks Of The Soviet Union! for Teardown

Tanks Of The Soviet Union!
Tanks Of The Soviet Union!

Fully modelled, drivable and Combat Ready Tanks & Other Vehicles with interiors based off real life (disclaimer not everything is 100% acurate but I've done my best to recreate it in Teardown)


Now all vehicles have Ragdolls to some degree. Keep in mind Ragdolls are a bit wonky at times so don't expect everything to be perfect! Also can Cause lag if to many vehicles with ragdolls are spawned in. Do let me know if any bugs or issues pop up!

Recommended to turn off any mods that can cause issues with the AVF mod.
  • KV-1 & KV-2
  • T-34 (1941) & (1942), T-34-57 & (1943) version, T-34-85
    (T-34-85 Originally made by Akora. Edited and improved by Jacob Mario)
  • BT-5
  • ZIS-30
  • GAZ-67
  • ZIS-5, 6 & 12
  • BM-13 Katyusha
  • T-20 Komsomolets (originally made by Malario)
Lend Lease Vehicles


  • M4A2 75 & M4A2 (76)


  • Willys Jeep
  • M3A1 HalfTrack
  • M13 & M16 SPAA
Captured Tanks
  • Panther A "T-V"
  • Panzer IV G
Planned tanks!
  • IS-2
  • T-44
  • SU-152
  • New content

Version 01.09.22 for Teardown

  • New content


Version 04.07.22 for Teardown


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