Mod «Hyacinth's Ratkin Facial Animation» for Rimworld (v1.3)

Hyacinth's Ratkin Facial Animation

Adds facial animations for New Ratkin Plus, using functions from Nals Facial Animation mod.

Recommend using with Camera+ and Nals Experimentals mod.


Q: Compatible with existing saves?
A: Yes.

Q: The animations aren't working?
A: Please arrange the mods in the order listed below. Some hair or face mods may also conflict with this mod.

Q: The pawn textures are blurry?
A: Disable "Texture compression" in the vanilla game options. Or use mods that improve the clarity of the character, such as stylish rim.

Q: CE?
A: Guess.

Load order:

[NL] Facial Animation
[NL] Facial Animation - Experimentals (Optional)
"[KV] Show Hair" or "Dubs apparel tweaks"
Humanoid Alien Races
This mod


[NL] Facial Animation by Nals
NewRatkinPlus by NukaFrog and GloomyLynx
And thanks to Darkmiz for the exemplary code in his "HAR kurin facial animation"

Any suggestions posted in the comments section are always welcome.

Finally, ratkins are so cute.


Update: 23.08.2022, 18:23
- Moved up the position of the eyelashes when the eyes are closed.
Update: 23.08.2022, 10:40
- Fixed the problem of the back of the head protruding.
Update: 23.08.2022, 9:31
- Initial upload.

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