Mod «Universal Formable Nations» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.7)

Universal Formable Nations

Tired of never being able to form cool mega-states in your favorite mod with the regular formable nations mod?
Despair no more! I have went through the pain-staking effort to make a formable nations mod that is compatible with all major mods on the workshop.

Based on the 3rewster formable nations and the KR/KX port by Deutschland228, this uses the KR/KX map. The states required to form nations might be bugged for some mods. Use decision.nochecks to get around any broken requirements as well as a toolpack mod. Turning off AI in decisions is recommended. Additionally, some mods don't cover the valid areas for formable nations, but the cosmetic tags still work.

Works for Kaiserreich, KaiserRedux, Equestria At War, FuhrerReich/Redux, Age of Imperialism, vanilla, End of A New Beginning, The New Order, Thousand Week Reich, Old World Blues, Metro, Pax Britannica, Red Flood, Red World Fan Fork, The Great War, Southern Victory, The Fallen Eagle, Cold War Iron Curtain, Millennium Dawn (classic and modern day), Cold War: Iron Curtain, Endsieg, Make America Again, Calm Before The Storm, Palpatine's Gambit, Victoria II Save Converter, Darkest Hour, and more.

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