Mors Longa for Teardown

Mors Longa

The Country of Alashya, heavily influenced by America in the middle east, has entered lockdown due to a deadly, paranoia inducing virus. Civilians are outraged, attempting to flee the country, but the Alashyan government has shut down the inner cities and rural areas making it almost impossible to leave. Insurgents and anarchists have risen up. The population is frantic as everyone is trying escape Alashya. The AAF forces have now been given the green light to eliminate anyone attempting to escape through the country's vast highways with lethal force. 


Now since the highway is endless and you literally cannot finish the game (may change in the future), your task will be to survive as long as you can, by continuing to move forwards, finding food and fuel to keep you going. Search abandoned roadside buildings for loot, optimize your inventory storage and tread carefully, as getting shot can lead to bleeding damage and bone fractures. And lastly, kill anyone that means you harm.


  • Bug fix (Placetool no longer flushes inventory)

Version 08.08.23 for Teardown

- Small bug fix related to bosses not spawning, npc gun spawns and AAF troop transports that drop off AAF soldiers not spawning.


Version 16.06.23 for Teardown


Version 30.04.23 for Teardown


Version 26.04.23 for Teardown


Version 13.03.23 for Teardown

  • Update


Version 16.01.23 for Teardown


  • Map is now disabled in the mod.
  • Default Backpack opening key is now swapped to \"TAB\" key.
  • Default Grenade key is now swapped to \"G\" key.",
  • It is now possible to sell fuel.
  • New radio music at the safe segment
  • Experimental dynamic loot models, dropped guns will have their model change appropriately depending on the state of the gun, it is only implemented on the Simonov-545 currently.
  • New Ammo type 5.7x28.
  • New weapon TMP-90 (sub-machine gun chambered in 5.7x28).
  • New weapon TCP-57 (pistol chambered in 5.7x28).
  • New weapon SV-98 (rifle chambered in 7.62x54R).
  • New medical supplies: Grizzly, Surv12, CAR.
  • New forced first person camera mode, you can find it in the mod game options.
  • New animations for the Al2 and CMS kit medical items.
  • New civilian vehicles that roam the vast highways in search for an exit.
  • Hexgrid has been upgraded from level 4 armor to level 5.
  • New headwear: GS31-3W thermal.
  • New inventory sprite for NVG.
  • New improved vehicle leaning, you can now drive as you lean out.
  • Theres now an update log, it's what you are seeing right now.
  • New building spawn.
  • New roadsegment spawn.
  • New food items: Bunger, Fren fried, Numgies, Cokie coola and sad meal.
  • New experimental boss: AS350 Attack Helicopter.

General adjustments/fixes:

  • Enemies will now shoot a random RPG rocket, PG-7V and OG-7V are included, Tandem and Warcrime are excluded.
  • Scalar now supports dynamic magazine icons.
  • PPsh41 now supports dynamic magazine icons.
  • MK36 now supports dynamic magazine icons.
  • MK36 now supports dynamic attachment icons.
  • Fixed issue where the perk machine smoke remained emitting even after being deleted.
  • Fixed issue where the foilage percentage settings didn't work.
  • Fixed issue where the hunger/thirst didn't deal damage to player correctly.
  • Optimised the hesco wall for the military camp and the military roadblock.
  • Grenades now have shrapnel damage.
  • Lowered price of grenade from $400 to $300.
  • Tutorial vehicles have been updated to reflect the changes in the last update.
  • Tutorial RPG's have been fixed.
  • Splint no longer sells for $100, it now sells for $20.
  • Increased price of bandage from $20 to $30.
  • Increased price of Splint from $20 to $40.
  • RV has had their CoM raised to a more appropriate level, and a slight handling adjustment.
  • RV now has a custom 3rd person camera focus point, and an appropriate exit location.
  • White bus has had their CoM raised to a more appropriate level, and slight handling adjustment.
  • White bus now has a custom 3rd person camera focus point, and an appropriate exit location.
  • White bus now has a better model with a chassis, an engine, an openable hood and a slanted steering wheel.
  • Yellow soviet truck now has a custom 3rd person camera focus point, and an appropriate exit location.
  • Soviet firetruck now has a custom 3rd person camera focus point, and an appropriate exit location.
  • Green van has had their CoM raised to a more appropriate level, and slight handling adjustment.
  • Green van now has a custom 3rd person camera focus point, and an appropriate exit location.
  • Each food now has their own consume sound.
  • Theres now a new backpack opening/closing sound.
  • Fixed issue where N870 and the Medvedev where not re-centering their scope correctly.
  • Fixed issue where tools are not disabled correctly even if custom tools options was disabled.
  • Destroyed Green muscle car is no longer static.
  • Destroyed Brown station wagon is no longer static.
  • Both Destroyed/working Yellow soviet truck/firetruck have possible loot spawns.
  • Working soviet firetruck now spawns with an fire axe.
  • Green van now has possible loot spawns.
  • Modified Green van now has spawn with an gascan.
  • White bus now has possible loot spawns.
  • Military roadblock is now textured, they are now dirty looking.
  • Village has had their texture updated. "Military camp has had their texture updated.
  • Fixed issue where the starter tt-33 is not recognized by the backpack correctly.
  • Fixed issue where the status bar only warns you of low percentage when it reaches 0.
  • NPC weaponry is now worse at the start and gets progressively better later in the run.
  • Junk model optimised.
  • IFAK now heals bleeds, as a counter effect, old IFAK is now obsolete, you can still heal with the old IFAK, though.
  • Medical supplies now have a better inventory description.
  • Use items sounds/sound logic have been updated.
  • Enemy weapon RoF has been adjusted to fit the actual gun better.
  • Fixed ladder placeable.
  • better furnished the safesegment.
  • Optimized inventory logic, it should now have fewer performance impacts.
  • Updated several backpack icon drawing logic, its now consistant across everything.
  • Updated several item icons.
  • Fixed issue where when an explosion happens near the player your soul is spit out of your body.
  • Fixed a name type for a rare item.
  • More Simonov-545 variants.
  • Nuked unused sounds to save space.
  • Fixed bug when grabbing 2 items at the same time, only one item will get picked up and the rest gets removed
  • Fixed bug when reloading bullet into magazine, the bullet will have 0 stack for a single tick, it is now removed at the same time as the bullets run out.
  • Ammo box now metal instead of wood.
  • It is now possible to bind number keys, function keys (f1-f12), and tab.
  • Fixed issue where end key cannot be bind.
  • Fixed issue where splitting ammo could create an ammo stack with 0 ammo.
  • Fixed issue when reloading magazine with ammo taken from stash, if the ammo runs out, the inventory cell gets cleared instead of the cell in the stash.
  • Made it so when a loot spawn fails due to a file not found, it tries to spawn another item with the same parameter.
  • Changed split ammo behavior, hold ctrl and drag on an ammo stack will split the ammo into your grab.
  • Choccy no-longer reduces thirst.
  • MRE now only gives 80 hunger instead of 90.
  • Fixed issue with complex keybinds not working if it's checking for pressed state.


Version 04.01.23 for Teardown


  • New PP19 sounds
  • New sounds for dropping, picking up and equipping weapons/items
  • New M870 variants with attachments


  • Increased NVG static
  • Increased Vodka price
  • Fixed Snow selling for $0 (sells for $950)
  • M107 icon now shows whether magazine is loaded
  • Fixed all broken food items


Version 28.12.22 for Teardown


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ImageBest mod!


Dude to whoever is uptading

thx so much.


when i start the mod, the highway isnt infinite, it just end in a couple of meters, what can i do?


go the other way

its a one way infinite highway




it lags so much to load another chunk of the highway


best mod