Warzone Technically for Teardown

Warzone Technically

After 4 - 5 months, I finally decided to make a map where I could release everything I've made that I never released, this is this map :smile:
What to expect:
- Fully coded helicopter that flies realistically (taking controls is fixed)
- Full ragdoll Tank Class Machine from Generation Zero (will not be coded due to sheer detail)
- Full underground facility with scientists (made this a while back)
- Full military base with patrolling guards (they're dumb and can't see you)
- Tons of fun with small space (do not make all helicopters take off at once, they will collide)

Control helicopter:
- go to the front of the helicopter and to the left there should be a button that says "take_control" press it and mark the
helicopter's checkpoint with "X".

Make the helicopter take off:
- go to the front of the helicopter and in the center of the console it should say "take off" just press E on it and wait.

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