Mod «Lunar Prospecting» for Stellaris (v3.4.*)

Lunar Prospecting

Have you ever looked out from the observation deck of your orbital habitat, at the vast mineral reserve orbiting tantalisingly out of reach on a nearby moon, dreaming of securing that wealth and prosperity for you and your people? Well dream no more, for your natural satellite assets are finally within reach with Lunar Prospecting.


So how does it work? Well, first you’ll need to construct a space port on your habitat through the planetary decisions, this will provide some small benefits in the form of amenities and open up the potential for large scale orbital mass transit.

After that activating the Lunar Prospecting decision allows you to survey all nearby orbital bodies for usable resource deposits, once this is done you can zone and construct a new district to harvest said resources.

Don’t worry if you make a mistake or you find new deposits later, resource districts can be demolished and the moons resurveyed later for an additional cost, existing resource districts from planetary deposits or orbital surveying can also be removed and the mod will even remember which ones you had if you wish to rebuild them later.


But that’s not all, the mod adds three new habitat districts with their own features and requirements.

Salvage district
The salvage district requires an alloy deposit and lets you mine it with scrap miners for alloys and (fewer) minerals, alloy deposits also still grant access to the mining district if you’d prefer to just mine minerals from them.

Hydroponics District
The hydroponics district allows you to grow food and requires a normal star in order to be built, it cannot be built on habitats around pulsars, neutron stars or black holes due to the excessive radiation and/or lack of natural light, it is also not available to empires who do not use food.

Administration district
This district comes in several flavours for standard, spiritualist, hive minded and machine empires however they all function identically, housing bureaucrats or their analogues to produce unity for your empire, Administration districts can only be built if the planet the habitat orbits or nearby moon is colonised.

Requires: DLC Stellaris: Utopia

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