Mod «Government Variety Pack» for Stellaris (v3.3.0 - 3.3.4)

Government Variety Pack

A grab bag of new civics, origins, and government types.

New Civics

A total of 75 new civics, broken down into 7 origins, 20 normal civics, 19 hive civics, 14 machine civics, 11 megacorp civics, and 3 "advanced" civics available to any non-gestalt empire. Additionally, 5 base game civics have been enhanced with expanded features. Even short summaries cannot be contained in the character limit so see the dedicated civics thread for detailed descriptions.

New Governments

Around 80 new governments (I may have lost count at some point!) spread across nearly all authority types and combining vanilla and GVP-added civics. They are also listed in their own thread. The requirements for making them are in the first reply to that thread.

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