Mod «Decentralized Empires» for Stellaris (v3.4.*)

Decentralized Empires

This mod gives you an opportunity to reform your empire into something like the Holy Roman Empire or the Galactic Republic where every system is relatively autonomous while they still remain your subject.

This mod is an updated version of Decentralized Empires by George (most credit) and merged / extended version of Kingmaker by Emperor Scorpio. Most of the effects and the way everything works is the same as in the original, so please see the original description for more info.

It might seem a really bad idea to split up your empire but it gives both you and your new subjects hefty bonuses to production and happiness.

Please keep in mind this release is more or less a beta. I'm releasing it now because I feel like it's mostly done, but I'm not going to promise you that you won't find some bugs. I appreciate all feedback on things that are bugged or can be improved.

Decentralization Features / Limits

  • New Subject Type: Member State (they have diplomatic freedom but pay heavy taxes).
  • New Events: Interactions with your Member States, many random events.
  • New Decision: Available to Decentralized Empires, you can ask your Member States for various amount of resources.
  • New Ascension perk: Decentralization (splits your empire, you can exclude single systems per Decision on the system star when the project is available).
  • Decentralized Elections: If you lose a war against your Member States you have a chance to transform into an electoral empire where your subjects will be able to get elected as the head of the empire.
  • Expand your realm with the Forced Decentralization wargoal, which splits your enemy into new loyal Member States.
  • Gestalt Consciousness empires are excluded from any feature.
  • Special Decentralization ability (since 3.1): you can now switch direct control over your Member States.
  • Member States can now (3.2) be renamed (Crazy Renamer), if you have Dynamic Mod Menu installed.
  • New Overlord ability: share tech and fleets with your Member States.

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