Mod «Eltex Weaponry» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Eltex Weaponry

Expands the Rimworld arsenal with eltex firearms - ultratech weapons that increase and decrease in damage dealt based on psychic sensitivity of their wielder and target. Also comes with a powerful warcasket eltex sword, only available when using Vanilla Factions Expanded - Pirates.

The mod requires: Athena Framework.

Q: Can i make a suggestion ?
A: Sure thing, if you feel like you have a cool concept for a weapon that would fit within this mod, feel free to tell us!

Q: The weapon's damage stay the same in the infotab even tho my pawn has X psychic sensitivity.
A: It's a code limitation we couldn't find a way around without extensive patching. But don't worry, the weapons still become more powerful with the pawn's psychic sensitivity

Q: Is it CE compatible ?
A: It was supposed to be, yes, but the custom patch broke some stuff on the Athena framework and we couldn't find a way to solve it, so you'll have to wait for a patch on CE's side.

Q: Is it patched for Vanilla Psycasts Expanded?
A: Yes, the recipe changes to include VPE's eltex depending on whether or not you have it installed.

Q: Is it patched for Royalty?
A: Yes, they can spawn as persona weapons if Royalty is on. And if you're using Persona Bond Forge, you'll be able to craft them as well!

Q: I encountered an error!
A: Toss us the logs, we aren't magicians and telling us how the bug/error occured wont help us, so: send the hugslib logs.

Q: Why does it require Athena Framework?
A: C# code used to increase the stats depending on the psychic sensitivity comes from there. I invite you to check it out if you are a modder, cool stuff all around!

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