Mod «Medieval Madness: Tools of the Trade» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.4)

Medieval Madness: Tools of the Trade

My first full-fledged mod for Rimworld - Medieval Madness: Tools of the Trade is a part of planned Medieval Madness modpack that adds over 50 melee and ranged weapons to Rimworld. From peasant scythes and sickles to heavy zweihanders and morning stars, from slings and throwing nets to heavy siege crossbows and composite longbows. If you think that this game could use more medieval weapon variety this mod is definitely for you.

Most weapons require research and some exotic ones can only be dropped by enemies and rewarded for completing quests or raiding item stashes. Peasant tier tools and most ranged weapons can be crafted on a single new workbench this mod adds - all purpose crafting workbench. Most weapons can be made of any material that does make at least a little bit of sense.

Currently only melee pirates have access to new weapons, as tribes are a bit too primitive for them. Later medieval factions will be introduced.

This mod is pretty simple xml weapon mod, so it won't conflict with anything, aside from CE (provided its built-in automatic patcher doesn't fix that).

Can be added mid play and also removed. It will throw red error upon removal, but after that should work just fine. Users of mods with configs for weapons (Simple SideArms, Dual Wield, Run&Gun) will need to reset settings of those mods, otherwise it ll keep throwing errors about missing weapons on startup after removal of the mod.

Combat Extended - don't plan on a patch, sorry, i hope somebody else does it.
Please report any new incompatibility, so i can add them to the list and deal with them eventually.

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