Mod «Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Coilguns» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.4)

Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Coilguns

Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Coilguns is an addition to one of the most popular mods of Vanilla Expanded collection - Vanilla Weapons Expanded, however it can be played without it. This mod adds a selection of spacer-tech weapons, fully craftable upon researching mass drivers technology. Coilguns come with a unique gimmick - whilst their firing speed and aiming time are quite unforgiving, projectiles fired from these weapons pierce any target they hit - flesh or metal, as well as any obstacles. Each obstacle reduces damage dealt to the next unlucky object/creature, but effectively these weapons allow your colonists to score multi-kills with a single shot.

Shots fired by these weapons cannot penetrate mountains or reinforced walls from Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Spacer.

Vanilla Weapons Expanded is part of a series of mods expanding on everyday life on the Rimworld. When paired together with a brand new Vanilla Apparel Expanded and Vanilla Armours Expanded, you can bring something to your game that will keep you interested in it for days.





  • Q: Does this work on RimWorld 1.1?
    • A: No, it requires the latest game version.

  • Q: Is this mod CE compatible?
    • A: Yeah!

  • Q: Do these weapons spawn on enemies?
    • A: They can, on imperial soldiers from RimWorld: Royalty DLC.

  • Q: Is this mod compatible with Run and Gun?
    • A: Yes, you should be able to use these weapons with run and gun.

  • Q: Can I request a feature?
    • A: Yes, comment down below!

  • Q: Where do I craft those weapons?
    • A: After researching Mass Drivers technology they will appear to be crafted on fabrication bench.

  • Q: What do you mean ‘shots penetrate’?
    • A: Projectile fired by these weapons will always reach its maximum travel distance, damaging everything in its path. Be careful of friendly fire!

  • Q: Is this mod save game compatible?
    • A: Yes, you can add it whenever you like, however please remember removing a mod can cause issues.

Cupro's Stones patch.




20.10.22 (1.2-1.4)


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