Mod «Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Heavy Weapons» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.4)

Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Heavy Weapons

What I think this game was missing from the usual combat encounters is a punch, a smell of freshly fired bolters, the heat of an autocannon barrel and the look of surprise on the enemy faces as 10 homing missiles decimate their ranks. Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Heavy is our response to that task: This mod adds incredibly heavy weapons that can only be equipped on a handful of pawns - be it power armored troopers, pawns with a Tough trait or soldiers wearing our new industrial tech exosuits.

These weapons utilise the limited-use code, just like vanilla triple rocket launcher, except they can be fired more than once. After the weapon depletes, it breaks, which means you need to simply craft a new one. No ammo system, nothing like that!

Vanilla Weapons Expanded is part of a series of mods expanding on everyday life on the Rimworld. When paired together with a brand new Vanilla Apparel Expanded and Vanilla Armours Expanded, you can bring something to your game that will keep you interested in it for days.





  • Q: Does this work on RimWorld 1.1?
    • A: No, it requires the latest game version.

  • Q: Is this mod CE compatible?
    • A: Oh ayy.

  • Q: Do these weapons spawn on enemies?
    • A: In rare occasions the enemies meet all the requirements for the weapon to spawn (power armor or exoframe), then yeah.

  • Q: Is this mod compatible with Run and Gun?
    • A: Yes, you should be able to use these weapons with run and gun.

  • Q: Can I request a feature?
    • A: Yes, comment down below!

  • Q: Where do I craft those weapons?
    • A: Machining table. Each weapon needs to unlock first with different research projects - you can’t craft handheld mortar without knowing the mortar tech.

  • Q: How to reload the weapons?
    • A: You don’t - each shot removes some HP from the weapon. Once enough shots is fired, the weapon breaks. It’s not meant to be a frontline infantry weapon set. These weapons should be treated as consumables, used only when needed, as they are extremely powerful.

  • Q: Is this mod save game compatible?
    • A: Yes, you can add it whenever you like, however please remember removing a mod can cause issues.

  • Q: I don’t like how weapons remove HP with each shot, can I adjust the amount of HP removed?
    • A: Yes! Simply go to the Mod options menu and you can adjust ‘ammo’ used by each weapon individually.

  • Q: I want you to make these weapons reloadable.
    • A: Lol no.



  • Updated for RimWorld 1.4

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