Mod «Persona Bond Forge» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

Persona Bond Forge

This mod adds a new workbench equipped with advanced tools for bonding and fusing weapons with persona cores in order to create your own Persona Weapons.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you switch over from a different version of PersonaBondForge you WILL lose your weapons, bonding cores and the bench and get error messages for it.
Simply add new ones with the dev tools. This is not an issue when starting a new game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Place this mod after all mods that add persona weapons! Important for older patches!

The mod is compltely rewritten, if there is anything that seems off to you, let me know.
Besides making the mod ready for 1.4 I made it a lot easier to add future patches.
All relevant stats can be automatically copied from the weapon the bonded version is based off.
Only the attributes you want to change have to be added to the patch.
Usually that's just part of the statBase, Verbs and projectile types.

There is an example for a new ranged weapon in the Patches folder.

The mod Persona Bond Forge Fix has been integrated as well.
This means that the quality will no longer be rerolled when bonding a weapon.

Not all weapons can be bound, and this mod is not intended to be stand alone.
This mod natively supports:
Vanilla: Zeushammer, Monosword, Plasmasword, Charged Rifle, Charged Lance.
Exotic Arsenal: All weapons.
Cybernetic Warfare: All Spacer and Ultra-Tech tier weapons.
Vanilla Weapons Expanded: All charged weapons.
Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Lasers.
Vanilla Factions Expanded - Insectoid.
Vanilla Factions Expanded - Vikings.
Project Itzal - Main Pack: Ascended Rifle and Pistol.
Rimsenal Core: All weapons minus Greydale.
Contractor Arsenal: All weapons.
Exiled Dawn: All guns


13.08.21 (1.1-1.3)


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