Mod «Outer Rim Imperial Remnant» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Outer Rim Imperial Remnant

This mod replaces the Royalty DLC's Empire faction with the Imperial Remnant, a Rimworld-friendly, faraway vestige of Star Wars' Galactic Empire.

What is the Imperial Remnant? After the collapse of the Galactic Empire, self-appointed Warlords - Moffs and Admirals of imperial fleets - strived for supreme power. They mustered whatever was left of their strength and fought for control.

Isolated and shattered, imperials were forced to recruit locals from rimworlds. What was once the New Order ideology devolved into local planetary folklore.

Expect flake-high boomalope-worshipping stormtroopers.

  • Reworded all Royalty Empire content to fit the Galactic Empire - names included.
  • Refited all Royalty Empire Pawns with stats and equipment from Outer Rim - Galactic Empire.
  • Replaced all Royalty Empire Permits and added a couple of new ones.
  • Changed all Royalty Empire Titles into military Ranks. Throneroom is no longer a title requirement.
  • Removed Psylink Neuroformer from Bestowing Ceremonies.
  • Added a weaker variation of the Stormtrooper armor: The Patched Stormtrooper Armor.
  • Added a stronger variation of the Stormtrooper armor: The Death Trooper Armor.
  • Added extra Pawns on top of what Outer Rim - Galactic Empire has: the Engineer, the Death Trooper, and the deadly Imperial Knight.

For other vanilla factions with Outer Rim weapons, check out my other mod:
Outer Rim Vanilla Faction Patch


It's fairly self-contained within the Royalty DLC's Empire. Anything operating outside that should be fine!

It works well with all Outer Rim mods; although the two Imperial factions will fight each other. Which makes sense.

Can be safely added and removed during play - just ignore the errors.


  • Outer Rim - Core
  • Outer Rim - Galactic Empire
  • DLC Royalty

03.02.23 (1.4)


File info

  • Added by: Den Martin
  • Author: Jelheb
  • Mod version: 08.02.23
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 1.0 mb
  • Source: Go to
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