Mod «XCOM - Core» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

XCOM - Core

Hello, Commander...
In light of the recent extraterrestrial incursion, this Council of Nations has convened to approve the activation of the XCOM Project. You have been chosen to lead this initiative. To oversee our first—and last—line of defense. Your efforts will have considerable influence on this planet's future. We urge you to keep that in mind as you proceed.

Welcome to the Core mod for an updated XCOM series of mods. There were many requests for more modularation of the Weapons/Armor/Faction mods already in the series. So, this will serve as the base to unite the functions of each module. You can now pick and choose which mods you want to play with. Other modders can also use this a base for there XCOM-themed mods as well.

There are many more modules planned for this series, as well as updates for the existing modules. Please be patient as I continue to work on these. My personal time for modding has been limited the last 6 months or so. However, I remain commited to finishing this rather large project.

...Good luck, Commander.

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