Mod «RimSaves» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.4)


Save menu improvements and quicksaves system.

Quickly access the desired save thanks to previews (image and meta data).

No more mess with your multiple colonies saves, autosaves overwrites,... now simply organize your saves into folders with RimSaves.

  • Saves previews (map screenshot + meta data (size, scenario, last events, time, storyteller,...))
  • Quickly access to your saves folder
  • Create, Rename, Delete folders (no subfolders to stay simple)
  • Put saves into folder
  • Autosaves created to the current selected folder, so no more autosave overwrite between colonies in different folders
  • Duplicate, Rename saves
  • Mass saves removing (remove the parent folder)
  • Quicksave/Quickload (CTRL+HOME to quicksave and CTRL+END to quickload or F5/F9 (see mod's settings) but you need to release the F5 and F9 key binding in RimWorld's key settings to avoid conflicts )
  • Quicksaves unique names feature (disabled by default)
  • Generation of unique save name suggestion on backup feature (disabled by default)

The folder selected in the save/load menu define where the autosaves will be created, so if for example during the game you open the load menu just for looking other folders content, dont forget to rechange to the folder you want your autosaves to be created before close.

RimSaves is enabled but dont work (nothing changed)
This is often due to a mod above rimsaves (in the list of mods) that generate conflicts. You can try to solve it by move RImWorld just after the Core or HugsLib mod in the mod list.

I have no preview data on my saves ?
You need to load your save at least one time to display preview data.

Does it work well with Steam Cloud?
Yes it work well, folders are available across Steam Cloud as they are encoded into save name.

What is the "Default" folder ?
It's the default folder where all saves not affected to an folder stay, it cannot be renamed, and the "delete" operation on it just empty it.

Sometimes autosaves are not stored on my save's folder
Please read the "Important" section

Is this save compatible (-_-")?
Obviously yes, it's related only to RimWorld's interface, but as i saw this question on RimThemes...

Can this mod be removed without issues on saves ?
Yes, but it's yet advised to move all your saves to the "Default" folder before removing it to avoid "weird" text prefix on your saves.

RimSaves dont show when i open the save/load menu
It can be related to your mod order, please put RimSaves just before HugsLib and test if it works.

Whenever I use the keyboard shortcut to quick save (CTRL-HOME) it allows all objects I've disallowed. Or there is other weird action done, Is there a way to stop this from happening?
This mod dont mess with the allow/deny selector, must come from your current keyboard shortcut settings which conflict with this one. So just check your keyboard settings to see if the CTRL-HOME shortcut is not already used by another mod.

Required: Harmony

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