Mod «MorrowRim» for Rimworld (v1.1)


Adds in the ashlands and blighted ashlands biomes.

Ashlands is based on a combination of regions from Morrowind. It contains highly fertile soil that supports a thriving ecosystem. Frequent ash storms make settling here somewhat challenging.

Blighted ashlands is based on a combination of the ashlands and red mountain regions from Morrowind. The soil here is of low fertility, with large areas effectively unfarmable. There is little plant variety, with none of it being edible. Animals are less common and frequently driven mad by blight storms, which also cause crop blights.

Adds in new weather for the two biomes.

Ash storms are the most frequent of the new weather types. They reduce sunlight, movement speed and ranged weapon accuracy. They will also damage vanilla wind turbines and plants that are not adapted to the area or sturdy enough. Pawns that are not adapted to breathing in ash storms will suffer buildup whilst outside. This can result in permanent lung damage, and eventually death. This can be avoided by remaining inside or wearing clothing that completely covers the face.

Blighted rain and blight storms are less common, with greatly increased commonality in blighted ashlands. These can drive wild animals mad and inflict crop blights.

Adds in new events:

  • Albino guar passing
  • Silt strider passing
  • Cliff racer swarm arriving
  • Manhunter cliff racer swarm arriving

Adds in creatures from Morrowind, and a couple extra:

  • Alit
  • Ash hopper
  • Cliff racer
  • Durzog
  • Guar and albino guar
  • Kwama forager
  • Kwama scrib
  • Kagouti
  • Netch and retching netch
  • Nix hound
  • Shalk
  • Silt strider

Adds in plants from Morrowind:

  • Ash yam
  • Corkbulb
  • Emporer parasol
  • Hackle-lo
  • Marshmerrow
  • Muck sponge
  • Scathecraw
  • Trama shrub

Contains patches for:

  • A Dog Said... Animal Prosthetics
  • Alien Vs Predator
  • Alpha Animals
  • Androids
  • Borderlands: Creatures & Borderlands: The Rim
  • Camouflage and Stealth
  • Call of Cthulhu Cosmic Horrors
  • FishIndustry
  • Genetic Rim
  • Giddy-up! Battle Mounts
  • Magical Menagerie
  • Megafauna
  • Nocturnal Animals
  • Poleepkwa
  • RimCuisine 2 Core
  • RimBees
  • Rim of Madness - Bones
  • VGP Vegetable Garden & Tools
  • Witcher Monster Hunt

Separate patches:

  • Biomes patch
  • SeedsPlease patch

These patches may add animals or plants to the ashlands spawn list, give animals or races ash resistance, add MorrowRim content to other mods or add general support.


  • Harmony
  • Orions Faction Discovery
  • Only required if you add this mod to an existing save
  • Hidden factions shouldn't actually do anything right now, so not actually required yet


Any mod that modifies or adds to worldgen may cause issues such as specific biomes becoming less common / not appearing.

Mod checked on game version: 1.1

How to install mod?

To install the mod for the game Rimworld you must copy the folder from the downloaded archive to the path \Rimworld\mods and enable the mod in the menu.

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