Mod «[RH2] Rimmu-Nation² - Security» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.4)

[RH2] Rimmu-Nation² - Security

Stop unwanted guests from knocking on your door.

They picked the wrong house

Rimmu-Nation is an interstellar arms dealer and security firm that sell modern firearms and counter mobility equipment to anybody who can afford it. We've bought hundreds of thousands of licenses across the stars to deliver the kind of big bang you'll need to celebrate the new year!


This is Mr. Tom Clancy. He is a well known tacticool rogue agent super soldier spy that has also starred in famous movies such as Shrek V and Toy Story 4. He has been contracted by Rimmu-Nation to help us find the right kind of tools to keep unwanted visitors off your porch. This is what he has to say about our new line of security equipment:

"Do you people even have the royalty to use my likeness? I'll contact your lawyers tommorrow."

Woah there Mr. Clancy, don't forget about our deal! We don't want the next Toy Story movie files getting destroyed in an unfortunate 155mm shrapnel blast now would we?!

Fortunately our line of security products are currently compatible with Combat Extended. Make sure you contact Mr. Tom Clancy and ask thank him by knocking on his heavily fortified home!

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