Mod «Vanilla Genetics Expanded - More Lab Stuff» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

Vanilla Genetics Expanded - More Lab Stuff

Vanilla Genetics Expanded - More Lab Stuff adds a bunch of things to the main mod that we thought were a bit too complex, or too redundant, or a bit silly, so they are offered as an optional add-on for those who just want MORE STUFF.

  • New specialized boosters. Will probably add more as time goes on.
  • The animal control implant. You can now add animal draftability to ANY animal in the game, including modded.
  • The return of genetrainers. Convert skill, healer, resurrector or psy trainers into one-use colonist implants that don't replace any body parts.
  • The return of age pills. Feed them to an animal / colonist to make it 1 year older.

The mod requires:

20.05.22 (1.3)


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