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Outland - Terrain

While this is marked as part of the Outland series, it's functionally standalone, it does not require any other Outland modules to be active. The screenshots should speak for themselves but if they don't, this module is a retexture for the terrain, simple but effective for changing the look of the whole game. It also comes with a couple dozen new floors but those are entirely optional if you decide to disable them.

The settings there are should let you adjust this to how you want it since it does have some features that may not look right in some biomes or maybe you just prefer the alternatives.

I am not aware of any incompatibilities. I do not use Stuffed Floors so this isn't patched to handle that for the additional terrain options, anyone is welcome to make a patch and I'll link to it here though!

I recommend checking out the collection linked at the top of the description for the listing of Outland modules currently available, no point in me listing them all here and having to update the description every time one comes out (which I would absolutely forget to do).

I have done a decent amount of testing myself, but things will of course slip through the gaps. So...

If you have an issue to report you MUST include a HugsLib log (Ctrl+F12) or I can't help in most cases.

Frankly you lot are terrible for never coming back with one when asked after the fact so I just don't bother to respond most of the time if you don't include one right away, it's in the description right here in big text, I shouldn't need to repeat myself.

  • Will you add [whatever terrain]?
    Not likely, this is considered a finished mod with nothing else to add.
  • Can you retexture [insert mod terrain] so it fits better?
    Maybe! I have some I might be doing anyway. More important to report on is if you spot a mod using a vanilla texture instead of one from this where it should be changed.
  • Can you add a setting to change [something]?
    No. If it's not already a setting, I won't add it on request.
  • Can I add to an existing save?
    Possibly, some people have had issues but it seems to just be a side effect of adding new terrain, so disabling the additional stone and wood floors in the settings should make it safe-ish, but adding a mod to an existing save is never guaranteed to work 100% of the time.
  • Why is this marked as part of Outland when it's standalone?
    Because it was built specifically with Outland in mind, to give the game more of a vibrant fantasy feel where it absolutely had none.


Neronix17 - Art, XML & C#
Erin - Helped get colours right because my colourblind butt couldn't, and she did the stone recolours.

Version 09.10.2022 for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)


Version 20.08.22 for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.3)



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