Mod «CMT Retexture» for Rimworld (v1.3)

CMT Retexture
Comigo's Majestic Trees Retexture

Replaces original trees from CMT with different textures.

What does that mean and why does it exist?

Basically, this mod aims to deliver a different visual approach and style to original vanilla and CMT trees. It's not a better visuals, per se, but a different take on it. Some trees are reimagination of these that were in place, some of these are a more pronounced vision of vanilla. It may not be vanilla-friendly in some aspects of it and can be somewhat inconsistent and imperfect in places.

There's also no visual variation between same species of trees beyond minimum possible (size/horizontal flipping/summer-winter colour cycle for some trees). At least for now.

It doesn't replace any code or provide any of it's own that can cause any kind of errors by it self. Only significant difference from original CMT in this case is presence of sprites for Anima Nexus which is a replace for Gauranlen tree provided by [Vanilla Ideology Expanded - Anima Theme]. It will automatically use an alternative sprite if you've got it installed. Read "Optional dependencies" below to find more details.

It exists purely because one day after playing some Stoneshard and having a great joy looking at it's trees I went browsing RimWorld's workshop the other day and stumbled upon Comigo's Majestic Trees, so the idea of redrawing tree sprites was born. And after some tests and sketches in december of 2021, I finally reconciled with the idea of creating this mod. Since 8th of January 2022 I've started drawing a tree or two per day with occasional procrastinations for days and here we are!


  • Comigo's Majestic Trees
  • XML Extensions

12.02.22 (1.3)


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