Mod «People Can Change» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.4)

People Can Change

Occasionally, colonists will change their minds about things. They can gain a trait, lose a trait, or have the trait's degree change.

Traits can be gained as long as a colonist doesn't have the max number of traits already (the max number can be changed in the settings but defaults to 4)
Traits can be lost (minimum traits also configurable)
Traits with multiple degrees can change degrees

Note: the "old trait selector" system makes a few decisions for you about which traits can and can't change. This was removed in favor of giving greater control to players. See the mod's file "Old Selector Description" for details.

Fully compatible with modded traits! Select which traits can be gained/lost in the mod settings.

Events may cause a colonist to change their ways (e.g. a colonist is happy for a while and gains optimist):
-Once a pawn is happy or about to break CONSTANTLY for long enough, they can gain Optimist or Depressive. It's about a once-per-quadrum timer for a 1 in 2 chance (average 2 quadrums to occur), which happens quicker if they're in a better/worse mood. If their mood ever dips below 70/above minor break, the count resets.
---This can be turned off in the mod settings due to unpopularity
-Pawns have a small chance to become Cannibal when consuming human meat (1 in 100 for cooked meat, 1 in 300 for raw).
-Pawns with Body Purist have a 1 in 3 chance per quadrum to grow accustomed to their new body and forget their body purism. There's an additional 1 in 3 chance (1 in 9 total) to then become Transhumanist, but this is unlikely because they're going against their previous belief so strongly.
-More changes may be added in the future!

Can be added to any existing save file! Can also be removed from a save file, although you may get a one-time error until you save the file again (which you can safely ignore).

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