Mod «Melee Animation» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Melee Animation

Adds detailed animations to melee combat, and new melee combat mechanics.

IMPORTANT This is an early release of the mod. It is currently missing the Duel and Unique Skill features. The Duel feature is almost complete will be added shortly, Unique Skills will be added a bit later.

This mod aims to spice up the regular Rimworld melee combat by adding custom hand-made animations for attacking & moving, and for new melee mechanics: duels and executions. The mod also (optionally) adds lassos, to pull enemies into melee range.

Quick start guide
  • Install mod. Equip a pawn with a compatible melee weapon.
  • Draft the pawn. Right click on a target to bring up options to execute, lasso or duel.
  • Your pawns (and enemies!) will automatically perform executions, use lassos, and enter duels whenever they can.
  • You can craft lassos at a tailor bench. You can change how your colonists use their lasso/execution in the Assign tab.
  • Absolutely everything can be customised in the mod settings. Please check the settings carefully!



Compatible with:

  • All the mods listed here. Note: if a mod is not listed there, then the weapons from that mod can't do melee animations, but the mod will still work just fine.
  • Combat Extended
  • Simple Sidearms (I recommend it!)
  • Yayo's Animation
  • NALs Facial Animation (and derived mods)
  • Vanilla Backgrounds Expanded. My mod adds a special dynamic background featuring artwork by @no_tables. Check it out!
  • HAR modded races, biotech races.

NOT compatible with:

  • Multiplayer.
  • RimThreaded. This mod has multithreading built-in.
  • Duel wield (kind of). It is technically compatible but it's kind of jank.


What does this add and what does it change?

All compatible melee weapons have attack, execution and duel animations based on the type and size of weapon.
'Standard' melee combat does not change. There are new animations when pawns attack, but mechanically nothing changes. However, there are several new (optional) mechanics:

  • Executions: Despite the name, an execution animation is not always deadly. An execution animation is where the attacking pawn will perform a flashy melee attack animation on the victim pawn, and the end result will be either death, downing or injuring of the victim. The outcome is determined based on the attacker's Lethality stat, which you can read about in-game.
  • Duels: When two pawns with valid melee weapons are fighting, they may enter a Duel. A Duel is a 1-on-1 melee fight with a custom dynamic animation. The outcome of a duel is determined by each pawn's Duel Ability stat, and the winner of the duel will perform an Execution on the loser. There are also friendly duels between your colonists, which serve as recreation and training.
  • Lassos: A lasso can be equipped and serves as a way to quickly pull an enemy into melee range. Pawns will combine their lasso with their Execution to quickly pull an enemy into melee range and instantly perform an Execution on them! Lassos can also be used to pull friendlies out of harm's way.


  • Minor fix to beheading visuals.

13.02.24 (1.4)

  • Minor changes to the chance-to-fail settings menu.


02.12.23 (1.4)

  • - Added support for 200 more weapons from new and existing mods, and support for 24 new mods.
  • - Update assemblies to latest version of Rimworld.


12.09.23 (1.4)

  • Fixed issue in missing tweak reporting, where the wrong mod was reported as missing


26.07.23 (1.4)

  • Enhancement/fix : Pawns with the Deathless gene will now receive lethal damage instead of being insta-killed by execution animations. This allows them to enter the deathrest state.


21.07.23 (1.4)

  • Fixed issue where, in animations that caused the weapon to go 'through' an enemy or object, the wrong texture would be used if the weapon was of a non-default style.


15.07.23 (1.4)

  • Fixes


20.06.23 (1.4)

  • Bug fix


27.05.23 (1.4)

- Support for 73 new weapons from 8 new mods.
- Added: In a friendly duel, if the losing pawn has a low opinion of the winner, they will slap away the hand offered to pick them back up.


03.05.23 (1.4)


01.05.23 (1.4)


19.04.23 (1.4)


16.04.23 (1.4)


01.04.23 (1.4)


30.03.23 (1.4)


16.03.23 (1.4)


10.03.23 (1.4)


09.03.23 (1.4)


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