Mod «[RH2] Hand-To-Hand» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.4)

[RH2] Hand-To-Hand

Perform Hand-To-Hand abilities to have an advantage over your opponent in melee combat.

- This mod adds 9 custom melee abilities for your pawns that they can use to knock out enemies
- Includes autocasting!
- Pawns will now path towards target (unlike previous versions)
- Based on the original "[CP] Takedown" mod series
- Discombobulate
- There is no mercy in this Dojo, is there?
- Yes, if you discombobulate a caravan muffalo, you will annoy your allies.
- Ability chance to fail affected by target's mass and melee skill
- Ability chance is also affected by your pawn's melee skill
- NPCs can use these moves against you as well

Warning: Knockout durations are at max of 2-3 in-game hours (unlike previous versions), depending on the ability your target will get up in a few seconds so do not assume these moves will put them to sleep forever.

- Pawns can now path to their target unlike previous versions
- You can enable/disable or hide ability buttons in mod options
- Abilities have a chance to fail
- Abilities on success and failure have a cooldown timer
- Chance to fail is affected by three factors: 1. User's melee skill 2. Target's melee skill 3. Target's mass
- Enemies can use these abilities against you as well

Note: Disabling autocast or abilities (not hiding, disabling) will disable them for both you and NPCs.


Note: Pawn had 20 melee skill for testing purposes.

- No known hard incompatibilities. (yet)

- Requires Harmony

- Reported to have issues where custom races can't learn the abilities (needs more confirmation from race mod users)

- Does not require JecsTools, highly recommend to abandon old version of any "[CP] Takedown" mods.

- Combat Extended? 3 user reports say that it works with CE just fine.

- Safe to enable mid save? Yes.

- Safe to disable mid save? No, causes errors.

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