Mod «Logistics Mechanoid» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Logistics Mechanoid

This mod adds in a new gentle giant to whisk your carry weight issues away.

The Logistics mechanoid is a heavy carrier mech fitted primarily for caravans, although its also capable of doing hauling work when off the road.

Rideable (Caravan Riding Speed is 1.6)
- Move speed of 2.70c/s
- Carry weight of 135kg (Body size of 4, -5kg due to claws)
- 2 Bandwith
- Armor is 60% sharp and 40% blunt
- Hydraulic claws as main weapon (6.45 DPS) (Armor Penetration 30%)
- Smoke Pop Abillity
- Capable of Hauling
- Requires standard mechtech

(Made at Large Gestator)
- 5 Cycles
- 140 Steel
- 60 Plasteel
- 6 Components
- 1 Regular Subcore

- 100 Steel (Revive)

Should be safe to add to Saves, and probably safe to remove as long as you clear out all the content from your save beforehand. (Always make a backup beforehand to be safe!)

Requires DLC Biotech

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