Mod «Use Resurrector Mech Serum On Rotten or Skeleton People» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.4)

Use Resurrector Mech Serum On Rotten or Skeleton People

Are you tired of putting your dead colonists into a freezer, ever waiting for a mech serum? Than this tiny mod is for you! You can now resurrect rotten or skeleton people, too. Bury them and later you can bring them back.

- Works on existing saves and you can also savely remove it!

- It's a little patch, so there are no compatibility issues.

Update: Works with "Wa! Skeleton!" Race-Mod (Their bodies won't explode)
Skeleton & Zombies

Info: The color bug of HumanoidAlienRaces still exists after reviving decayed people.

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