Mod «Smart Farming» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

Smart Farming

This is a quality of life mod which provides a number of extra tools and information for your grow zones.

  • Smart sow: When enabled, pawns will not bother sowing plants if there no chance of the plant reaching its minimum growth (typically 65%) before it is expected to die from the cold or toxin. This is especially helpful for users of Seeds Please to avoid wasting seeds.

    It may also allow plants to be sown a couple days earlier than normal by giving a more accurate read on the weather.

  • Zone prioritization: You can assign per-zone priority levels to mark some fields as being more urgent than others.

  • No petty jobs: When enabled, this prevents pawns from re-sowing a zone if the number of empty tiles is below a configured threshold. This can be useful for livestock grazing zones, so pawns don't come racing over to replant a blade of grass a cow just ate.

  • Align plants: If plants need the cells around them clear (like trees), you can toggle alignment mode and pawns will plant in clean rows, as opposed to scattered about randomly.

  • Force sow: Allows pawns to sow a grow zone regardless of weather conditions. This can be useful if you are sowing plants which will not die from the cold, such as trees, or to try and start the grow season a few days earlier.

  • Harvest if dying: If any plant dies from the cold, all plants of that type will be marked for harvest to try and collect before any more die off.

  • Cut if blighted: Any plant infected with blight will automatically be marked for removal.

  • Disallow harvest: If for some reason you don't want pawns to harvest a field, you can forbid a zone.

  • Harvest early: A Harvest now gizmo has been added as a shortcut to mark this zone for immediate harvesting, in case you don't want to wait for 100% growth for whatever reason.

  • Food estimates: An estimate is given on how much nutrition a zone may potentially supply, including its days' worth of food given the current colony population.

Q. How does smart sow do its prediction exactly?
A. It fetches the grow zone's plant's def and calculates how many ticks it has left to grow. Then it internally simulates its growth over that duration and forecasts the weather along each step. If the plant is predicted to survive to its minimum harvest day, sowing is allowing.

Q. How does food estimation work?
A. All pawns and prisoners in the colony (does not include away pawns) have their hunger rate (nutrition eaten per day) cached periodically. This factors everything from race stats, implant buffs, traits, etc. Added all together, this value is compared with the estimated zone yield if it were processed into meals (you can configure this in the options).

Q. Performance impact?
A. Most of the code just runs 1 tick out of every 2500 (hourly) to update the cache. The rest involves the workscanner and has a negligible impact as it just uses that cache data.

Q. Zone priority is not working for harvest?
A. It is, but it can be misleading. When a job package is assigned to them, it includes multiple plants. If there was not enough plants in one priority to fill their package, they'll include some from the next priority down. They then work on their job package, starting with the closest plant.

Q. What about grow zones within indoor greenhouses?
A. Most of the functionality of this mod skips any plants that have a roof over it.

  • Can be added or removed to games at any point.
  • Growth prediction is not aware of the 24h growth feature from the mod Static Quality Plus.
  • No Sow mode is ignored if using Farming Hysteresis's toggle.


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