Mod «Human Butchery 2.0» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Human Butchery 2.0

Warm fuzzy yttakin sweaters, scaly heat-resistant impid dusters, frilly purple highmate hats,
all that plus more in Human Butchery 2.0!

Main Features
  • Collect human leather in a multitude of colors! Human leather takes on the color of the human it was harvested from. This works in the exact same way as colored cloth purchased from traders. (This is the only feature available without Biotech)
  • Keep warm in the winter with a yttakin fur parka! All humans with the furskin gene yield human fur instead of human leather. Similar to human leather, most people don't like wearing it. However, it provides much greater insulation than normal human skin.
  • Wear an impid's skin and absorb their powers! All humans with the fire-resistance gene yield heat-resistant human leather instead of normal human leather. This special material is as fire resistant as hyperweave and also gives decent protection from high temperatures.
  • Pigskins are a cannibal's best friend! Pigskins have a new Meaty gene (+1 Complexity, 0 Metabolic) which makes them provide 135% more human meat than normal humans. Of course, this gene can also be harvested in order to increase the efficiency of your human meat factory farms.

  • CE: fully functional + new leather types have their stats patched to conform to CE balance changes
  • Hypothetical issues: The mod might break a little if any mod (or the base game) overrides the usage of, or changes the number of stages of, the "wearing human leather thoughtDef. As far as I am aware, no mod like this exists, but I'll mention it anyways.


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