Mod «Ignorance Is Bliss» for Rimworld (v1.1 - 1.4)

Ignorance Is Bliss

Grants control over the tech level of the factions that will raid you. Not every faction leader is Cortés.

Compatible with existing saves.


By default, your "effective tech level" will be calculated as the highest tech level where you've completed 25% of the research, and enemies more than 1 tech level above this level won't raid you.

However, this is fully customizable with options:

  • Set a fixed tech range for raid factions
  • Use your highest tech researched instead
  • Use your actual tech level (which won't change without mods, but is compatible with Tech Advancing and Techblock)
  • Adjust how many tech levels above and below your effective level raiders can be.

Note that this will NOT force factions that wouldn't otherwise raid you to raid you. This means if your settings are too strict, you won't get raids. The settings menu will show you what factions are eligible with your current settings.

It's particularly important to note that the base game has NO VANILLA MEDIEVAL FACTIONS, so be aware of that if you don't add any from mods.

Works well with Arcane Technology for control over the tech level of the gear your colonists can use.

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