Mod «[KV] Impassable Map Maker» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.4)

[KV] Impassable Map Maker

Allows settlements on Impassable tiles.

Can either start a new game on an Impassable tile or with a current game travel (via caravan or drop ship) to an impassable tile.

Impassable maps will have one open area somewhere in the mountain (it will be hidden initially). This is intended to add something a little different.

There are also ruins and ancient dangers buried deep within the impassable mountains.

World pathing will still avoid Impassable tiles but telling a caravan to travel to an Impassable tile will force them to go there. It takes a long time to get to an impassable tile by foot.


  • World Map Movement Difficulty - How long it takes to cross an impassable tile on the world map
  • Mountain Shape - Whether the impassable mountain is Square or Round
  • Outer Radius (Round only) - The radius of the impassable mountain
  • Scattered Rocks - Whether there are rocks scattered around the perimeter of the impassable mountain
  • Has Middle Area - Whether there is an open area in the middle of the impassable mountain
  • Middle Area Shape (Middle Area only) - The shape of the open area in the middle of the impassable mountain
  • Open-Area Width/Height or Radius - The size of the open area in the middle of the impassable mountain
  • Open-Area Max Offset From Middle (Middle Area only) - The possible max distance from the center that the center of the open-area can be at map generation
  • Middle Area Wall Smoothness (Middle Area only) - Whether the walls of the middle area are smooth or rough
  • Edge Buffer - In the case that the impassable map's outer walls go past the map's edge, should there be a buffer along the edge of the map to allow passage around the impassable map.
    NOTE: There will always be a small opening on the four corners of the map
  • Include Quarry - Specifically for Quarry mod
  • True Random - Every time an impassable map is generated it will be unique. This is unlike base-game behaviour in which the map will be the same if the same world-name and location are used.

Incompatible Mods:

  • Map ReRoll - appears to cause issues if the map is rerolled

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