Mod «Warhammer 40k - Genes and Psycasts» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Warhammer 40k - Genes and Psycasts

With the release of Biotech and genes and as a fan warhammer 40k i really needed to be able to make my Space Marine.

It introduces all 19 gene-seed organs in the form of genes, 3 primaris genes and 4 psyker gene. Most if not all of these genes are strong and are meant to be.

Every gene requires its "predecessor" to be installed, so Biscopea needs Ossmodula which needs Secondary Heart and so on. Primaris genes only require the Biscopea gene.

Additionally it introduces a new faction containing space marine, primaris marines and librarians.

The genes can be acquired by; Making a space marine yourself to begin with and harvest them for more or harvest the included factions space marines for their genes after capturing them. Hopefully i'll figure out other ways in the future.

These are the current added paths and powers for Vanilla Expanded Psycasts if you have it installed, they are in their own tab called Psyker Disicplines

If Dubs Rimatomics is installed then the Melanochrome gene gives immunity to radiation

If Vanilla Psycasts Expanded is installed then you get access to the above mentioned psycasts path

If Body Size Genes is installed Ossmodula and Magnificat will increase drawn size of pawns

If you want to make black carapace add move speed bonus to a certain armor you can simply add the "PowerArmor" tag to it.


30.11.22 (1.4)


26.11.22 (1.4)


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