Mod «BetterInfoCard» for Rimworld (v1.4)


Expand the information card interface of the vanilla game, and make some QOL changes.


  • Opening the info card won't pause the game
  • Resizable and collapsible Info cards
  • Multiple info cards Supported
  • Mark Stat as favorite
  • Comparing Stats by double click
  • Info card hotkey
  • Comparing multiple things by one click
  • Focus on search field on popup
  • More pawn stats(body parts and attack tool

Known issues

  • Some stat values are not "Greater Is Better"(i.e Aiming Time), but it's impossible to preset them due to code structure. You may need to set it manually.

Let me know if there are any other issues.


  • Compatible with existing saves.

Let me know if there are compatibility issues with other mods.


Having too many info cards open at the same time can create performance issues, but you can minimize them.

24.11.22 (1.4)


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