Mod «[Fuu] Uncompromising Tribal Faction» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

[Fuu] Uncompromising Tribal Faction

The tribal faction is in a sorry state. In a world with either gun-toting, high tech, robotic, armored, or giant insect factions, it's a wonder the tribal faction has managed to survive at all.

After losing battle after battle, the chiefs got together to formulate a new battle strategy.

New Tribal War Plan:

  1. Gives tribal Breachers and Berserkers a 50% chance to spawn with volcanic ash filled "Smoke bombs", to cover their advance amidst gunfire.
  2. Gives tribal Hunters, Heavy Archers, and Archer Chiefs modified "Flamebows" and "Great Flamebows", to ignite colonists and create chaos from afar.
  3. Adds the tribal Flame thrower, a grenadier unit equipped with "Fire bombs" from "Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Tribal", to flush out defenders from their positions.
  4. Gives tribal Breachers, Berserkers, and Chiefs "Battle banners" from "Vanilla Apparel Expanded - Accessories", to increase their pain threshold.
  5. Gives all tribal Archers "Quivers" from "Vanilla Apparel Expanded - Accessories", to increase their ranged rate of fire.
  6. Gives tribal Breachers, Archers, and Warriors normal quality gear instead of poor quality.
  7. Tweaked raid unit spawn ratios to have better ranged/melee balance.
New Item: Smoke Bomb (Usable by AI!)

A small clay pot filled with fine volcanic ash. When smashed mid-air, it will release a small cloud of smoke, obscuring incoming shots and preventing turrets from locking on.

  • Cost: 20 Stone bricks
  • Cannot be refilled (2 charges)
  • Smaller radius than smokepop belts

New Item: Great Flamebow

A greatbow equipped with incendiary arrows, which excels at dislodging defenders by setting everything on fire. However, it has poorer accuracy and rate of fire than the standard Greatbow.

  • Has far higher damage and range than the Flamebow.
Modified Item: Flamebow

Biotech's flamebow will now only ignite one tile. Fire bombs fulfill the role of high priority AoE fire threat, while the flamebows are meant for long term sustained harassment. With the new tools available, flamebows also having AoE would be redundant and too powerful.

  • Has far higher rate of fire than the Great Flamebow.
  • Graphically upgraded to look cooler and easily distinguishable from standard bows.


The Savage Impid tribe will now use all the tools in this mod, making them a powerful threat!

The Rough Neanderthal tribe prefers melee due to their poor shooting skills, so instead of regular archers, the few ranged units they do bring along will entirely be for setting your colony on fire.

The goal of this mod was to make the tribals a proper and decent enemy faction, having their own strengths and requiring some strategy to take down, but not overpowered. Hope you enjoy!


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  • Mod version: 07.11.22
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