Mod «Trading Options» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Trading Options

Customize your trading experience!

You can easily change:

  • How frequently caravans, orbital traders or visitors will arrive at the colony.
  • Amount of silver in stock for any trader type.
  • Amount of other stock for any trader type.
  • Make traders have more items in stock if your colony is wealthy.
  • Slaver traders appear regardless of your colony population.

You can safely add Trading Options to an existing save-game. You can modify any of the settings at any point during the game. The changes will apply immediately, but only new traders will be affected.

Mod compatibility

Trading Options is compatible with all mods that change the stock of a trader. The changes stack. Trading Options may be incompatible with any mod that changes trader frequency.

Required: Harmony

  • Fix random storyteller event chances

Version 03.11.22 for Rimworld (v1.4)


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