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Animals Forage

This mod allows various animals to forage for food using some of the Animal Behaviours available through Vanilla Expanded Framework.


Each animal can have 1 "dig when hungry" comp, so I had to chose what food fit best.
These animals will get this food from any diggable terrain.


  • Grizzly Bears will forage for berries,
  • Ducks will forage for fish, (they're Omnivorous now, no need for my other patch)
  • Chickens will forage for bugs, (insect meat)(they're also Omnivorous now, no need for my other patch)
  • Arctic foxes will forage for hare meat, (that they stored back in summer)
  • Cobras will forage for rat meat, (they found a burrow)


  • (1.3 only)
  • Crocodile will forage for fish,
  • Platypus will forage for bugs,
  • Otters will forage for fish,
  • Black Bears will forage for berries,
  • Rattlesnakes will forage for rat meat,
  • Hedgehogs are omnivores now and will forage for bugs,
  • Badgers will forage for bugs,
  • Alligators will forage for fish,
  • Anacondas will forage for fish,
  • Erin's Friendly Ferrets
  • Ferrets will forage for rat meat


Each animal can also have 1 "dig periodically" comp.

Pigs will dig up 10 Mushrooms every day. (truffles anyone?)
Wild Boars will dig up 5 Mushrooms every day. (not as well trained)
(only when tamed)


Q: Does this mean these animals won't need other sources of food?
A: These values are quite small and these animals will still eat other foods, predators will still hunt other animals.

Q: Does this mean ducks and chickens will hunt rats and squirrels?
A: No, being a predator is separate from being a carnivore.

Q: Rockhopper penguins from endangered!
A: Both VAE Penguins already do this, that was the inspiration for this mod.

Q: Pangolins from endangered!
A: VAE Pangolin already have a unique "eats ants when hungry" feature, so I didn't touch it.

Required: Vanilla Expanded Framework

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  • Author: Simmin
  • Mod version: 04.11.22
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