Mod «Biotech Expansion - Mythic» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Biotech Expansion - Mythic

The BEP is a continuous project to add more genes focused on variety and unique mechanics and playstyles! This mod focuses on a few complex xenotypes based on mythological creatures. Check back frequently for new genes and other mods in the BEP!


This module of Biotech Expansion focuses on a few complex xenotypes, all bearing immense power from their archite born genetics to manifest the might of mythical beings! Due to the complexity of these xenotypes, this module will not have as many xenotypes as other BTE mods, but will instead focus on a few of them with their own special mechanics. Some possible xenotypes include dragons, phoenixes, and other candidates! This pack has special resources such as Aurum, ultra conductive mechanites that feed on silver and gold, which can be used to power mighty dragon wings, burning claws, hides and scales tougher than armor, and fiery and explosive fire powers!

Important Note: The only way to see these xenotypes is to enable their faction when starting a new game. Due to their general strength, they have a low chance of appearing even when their faction is enabled, and their raid point modifier is extremely high to prevent them from popping up too early in the game.

Xenotypes and Their Most Important Genes!


A tribe ruled by a clan of extremely powerful draconic xenohumans. With a strong preference for warmer climates and an endless lust for gold, the glintscales in control of this tribe rarely leave their den of decadence, instead sending "lesser" xenotypes to obtain gold for their draconic masters. However, places that have proven themselves especially wealthy may attract the notice, and ire, of a glintscale, and they may send themselves along with a warband to confiscate what they see as rightfully theirs.

Glintscales only rarely appear on raids compared to other xenotypes, and have extremely high combat point modifiers, as a result they will not be seen until the colony is fairly rich or enough time has passed. Or you somehow get very unlucky.
Requires: Biotech Expansion - Core and DLC Biotech

23.11.22 (1.4)


02.11.22 (1.4)


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