Mod «More Genes» for Rimworld (v1.4)

More Genes

A simple mod that add more genes about vanilla traits, health, and immute.

I made this one because I found some traits I want does not on the list.

Currently Added trait genes:

  • Work related genes (slothful, lazy, hard worker, industrious)
  • Mental related genes(volatile, nervous, steadfast, iron-willed)
  • Neural Psychics trait to supress other psychics related traits.(I really need this)
  • Great Memory gene
  • Tough gene (can be stacked with robust gene)
  • Cannibal gene
  • Body modification trait gene (body purist and transhumanist)
  • Lifespan adjustment gene
  • Growth rate/ aging rate adjustment gene
  • resurrect gene (in Archite category, hidden by default)
  • bloodlust gene
  • Nimble gene
  • Masochist gene
  • small/large stomach genes to adjust pawn max nutrition stat(less wasted nutrition)
  • Small/large body size gene to adjust pawn's body size, body size affects dodge rate and carry capacity in caravan.
  • ! Currently not affect to visual size yet
  • Careful shooter, Trigger-happy, Brawler gene
  • Annoying voice, Creepy Breathing, Misandrist, Misogynist gene
  • Jealous, Pyromaniac gene
  • Gourmand gene.
  • Psychically sensitive/hypersensitive gene(can stack with vanilla)

Required: Harmony

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