Mod «Identity» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)



Identity's main feature introduces trans traits to Rimworld, and the Dysphoria system to support it.
Specific items, hediffs and traits add to a pawn's overall feminine and masculine amount, which is then calculated into overall dysphoria based on what they identify as.

Having a dysphoria stat in the positive gives pawns positive thoughts, while the opposite happens with negative dysphoria.

Research gender-affirming clothes, hormones, and surgeries to assist pawns in transitioning.

If you have the Ideology Expansion, ideologies may have opinions on transitioning. Positive opinion gives trans pawns positive mood, and negative opinion harms trans pawns socially.

If you have the Biotech Expansion, you'll also get the Flaren Xenotype, as well as genes related to them, and implimentation of the Monstrosity stat.

It is highly recommended to use More Trait Slots or a similar mod, as 2 of the 3 base trait slots can be taken by gender/dysphoria related traits.

More content is planned for the future.

Is this compatible with X mod?
Unfortunately I don't have too much time to test mod compatibility; report any compatibility issues and I'll see if I can fix them.
Identity doesn't alter too much Vanilla code, so if a mod doesn't alter how gender/sex works it'll probably work well. Masculine/Feminine stats on clothing use a system pretty similar to vanilla, so patches to make other modded clothing have gendered stats should be fairly easy for anyone wanting to attempt it.

What about RJW?
No. I don't intend on ever downloading RJW or similar mods due to it's explicit content and I won't be working to make it compatible. Unless someone else makes a compatibility patch or RJW itself works to be compatible you're likely to get odd bugs while using both.

*This is an early release of Identity, and my first-ever mod- please let me know if you find any bugs or compatibility issues, and feel free to give me opinions and feedback as well!*

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