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Vanilla Books Expanded

Vanilla Books Expanded is a mod allowing your colonists to pass their knowledge and skill to others. By writing a book about a particular field of science or skill, pawns will transfer their insights and knowledge, and when read, such books will train others in the same skill. Book reading is a new type of joy, with pawns picking up the books best suited for them based on their passions and skill sets, expanding on them whilst getting joy buffs.

Books feature complex descriptions, letting you, the player, know what the book is about in a funny, quirky RimWorld style. Later technologies also allow you to write newspapers, providing joy but spoiling at a rapid rate. In addition to that, maps and blueprints can be found with traders - former unlocking quests, and latter unlocking technologies!

Books take a long time to write - no one writes a book overnight, but they increase in quality and value the more skilled your colonist is in that particular field of study. With this mod you can build massive libraries and have pawns enjoy the books in their schedule. Take a minute to read the book descriptions as we have spent dozens of hours writing up different combinations of words to make the funniest descriptions possible!

I hope you will appreciate this mod as much as I enjoyed making it!

Vanilla Books Expanded content can be seen below:

There shouldn’t be any incompatibilities or issues, but in case anything pops up, report issues in the comments.

Q: Does this mod work with RimWorld 1.1?
A: Yes! We are backwards compatible!

Q: Does this mod work with any other mods adding new joy types?
A: Yes, we are completely separate!

Q: Are there bookshelves? Or are you planning to add bookshelves?
A: No and no. Vanilla shelves are just as good and I don’t see a need to add a simple reskin to it just to look like a bookshelf.

Q: Is this mod compatible with RimWriter or other book mods?
A: Yes, however you will have overlap - most likely two different book writing tables, each writing different/same books.

Q: Where are the fiction books? Can we get an X book type?
A: Fiction books and other books will come in the future. As much as I appreciate suggestions, please don’t suggest a book type unless you can also suggest a way to make it unique other than “It gives more joy”.

Q: How long does it take to write a book?
A: It all depends on your intellectual skill, but generally it’s a kind of job that takes a tremendous amount of time - we are talking quadrums here.

Q: How do I get blueprints or maps?
A: They can only be obtained from traders.

Q: How does a blueprint work?
A: You force your pawn to read it. It will take a massive amount of time, but in the end will result in a given technology being researched.

Q: Is this mod save game compatible?
A: Yes, you can add it whenever you like. Removing it however can cause errors, so back up your save!

Q: How long does a newspaper last?
A: Exactly 24 hours from the time it’s made. It is however fast to craft and provides pawns with joy when read.

Q: CE compatible?
A: Yes. I hope. I say yes but in reality I don’t know. Probably is tho, but I never even played with CE. What is CE?

18.12.22 (1.0-1.4)


21.10.22 (1.0-1.4)


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