Mod «Careful Raids» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.4)

Careful Raids

More careful raiders - Can you handle them?

This mod makes raiders avoid places where one of them died. The memory will hold on for a while and then vanish. This makes it much harder to fool them into traps or killboxes so if you think the current vanilla logic is stupid or if you need a challenge with your base design, this mod is right for you.

Raiders will not go through a death spot and if there are no other way to enter your base they will start attacking the outer perimeter instead.

BUG NOTE: This mod has a bug that converts open areas (like kill zones) into rooms that get roofed. There is a workaround by using the "Remove roof area" tool to mark that zone as open. The bug is triggered when a raider dies in the only opening that makes this zone "open" and the effect disappears when that death spot gets cleared again.

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