Mod «Rimedieval» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.4)


Rimedieval is an ultimately compatible replacement for "Medieval - Vanilla". A new way to immerse yourself in a true medieval RPG with all your favorite mods and provide you with a new end game quest.

Mod settings
Disable mechanoids - disabling mechanoids from spawn
Disable research tech level restrictions - no more 50% need of previous tech level researches to move to the next one
Restrict tech level to pre-industrial only - instead of medieval only it will limit player`s researches to pre-industrial (electricity)

How it works?

Instead of removing technologies and things, mod patches each pawn and faction, hiding technologies higher than the medieval ones. Now every faction have it`s own marker with current tech level in the description. And even more! We've patched all the quest rewards, which Medieval - Vanilla didn't.

- Auto-patching every pawn and faction to be medieval or neolithic via transpilers. Even modded.
- Medieval Royalty DLC and Ideology DLC without technological memes and clutter.
- Royalty shuttle and drop-pods retextured as well.
- All quest rewards patched to fit medieval game.
- Players researches limited to medieval. Inplants removed to accept wooden ones.
- New end game quest, starts in a week since your arrival.
- Compact machinery and plasteel excluded from spawn as ore. You have to raid and trade for it.
- Mechanoids removed, you can toggle it on or off via mod settings. But to be sure better uncheck them on world gene screen too.
- Ancient danger patched to have medieval loot and enemy, also crypto casket art changed.
- New end game quest. To start new quest your colony should have a lot of wealth.
- New analog of comm - Signal fire. Contact with your friends and enemy like your grandgrandgrandfathers did.
- CE compatible but CE not patched
- Researchpal Forked compatible but not with grouping by tech levels feature.
- Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Security compatible and wanted. Now your enemy will have to use Ballista and Catapult as an artillery.


Compatible with almost any mod and compatible with saved games.
Compatible with Multiplayer
Incompatible with Researchpal Forked grouping by tech levels feature.
However, given that the mod hides all technology from player and spawning right after medieval tech level, adding high-tech mods makes no sense and will be completely useless.
Any modded race and faction will be automaticaly patched to hide all the advanced technology and prevent it from spawn. So some balance from developer`s side may be required. Any cyborgs or robots will be usless and broken.
Combat Extended compatible but not patched.

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH Medieval - Vanilla

If Vanilla Framework Expanded asks you to add factions from this mod - don`t do this.

Load order:

- Core
- Other mods
- Rimedieval
- Rocketman
Always try to place it in the end of your mod list!

Recommended mods:
  • Medieval Overhaul
  • Vanilla Factions Expanded - Medieval
  • [O21] Forgotten Realms
  • Rocketman


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