Mod «RimOverhaul [Quests, NPC, +40 New Events]» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.1)

RimOverhaul [Quests, NPC, +40 New Events]

RimOverhaul – global expansion.

The main task of mod is to diversify and liven up the game world. Give the player an incentive to travel, interact with the world.
Adds a lot of new events, quest NPCs, a system of dialogues, many new unique items and a mechanic.

Main features

– Quests, NPCs and dialogues – complete various kinds of quests: from helping in the construction of a settlement to orders for killing enemy leaders. Mod adds NPC with quests, as well as the ability to conduct dialogues and respond to what is happening around.

  • Request for resources – One of the factions is requesting resources to build their settlement.

  • Build a new base – Faction is about to change their place of residence. The leader of the faction explains this by the lack of basic resources in the current place of residence, as well as poor landscape and unpleasant weather. Building a new base is costly and long, fortunately, they have enough resources, but there are no pawns capable of holding a hammer. In order not to delay the construction, he asks you for a few of your pawns to assist in the construction. Construction may take several days. At this time, your pawns will be unavailable, and upon completion of construction you will receive an award and your pawns.

  • Missing settlers – The leader of the faction contacted us and reported that a couple of days ago a small group of their settlers went on a journey to get resources. Estimated time of their journey was estimated at {1} days. More than {2} days passed, but the settlers never returned. Attempts to get in touch have failed and they are worried that the settlers might get lost or be attacked. nThe food intakes they had enough will last for about {3} days, after which they will starve. He asks us to find the missing settlers and return them to them.

  • Order to kill an enemy leader – Some faction talks about the enemy leader-dictator from faction some faction, who may threaten of their settlement and asks you to eliminate it. He marked the place on the world map.
    The information that an assassination attempt is being prepared for him could already have been scattered around all edges of the world, therefore, it is necessary to act as soon as possible.

  • Suppression of insurgency – Some guy said that in the settlement of SETTLEMENT faction of FACTION insurgency began. The insurgents demand independence. They staged multiple pogroms, killed several civilians. The soldiers of the settlement of SETTLEMENT were able to push them away from the settlement, but they are gaining strength and will attack again.
    Some guy asks you to help suppress the rebellionpossible.

List of all quests –> LIST

– New events – a lot of new events (+40): from harmless buffs to destructive ones that can finish your game here and now

  • Doomsday Ultimatum – The enemy faction reports that it has a weapon capable of destroying the planet. They makes demands: 50,000 silver.
    You can start collecting silver together with other factions or organize an assault.

  • Siege camp – The enemy camp was set up near your settlement. They will raid and bombard your settlement until you destroy them.

  • Climate bomb – Location detected climate bomb. Who laid it – is unknown, but one thing is clear: if it is not defused, the climate will go crazy.

  • Mechanoid portal – A mysterious fragment has fallen from the sky, which generates a teleport from which mechanoids appear. The portal itself is not destroyed, but if you break the generator, then the portal will disappear.

  • Shootout between two factions – Your caravan got in the midst of a shootout between two factions.

List of all events –> LIST

– New items and buildings – various functional and unique items: from new types of weapons to modular energy exoskeleton, which you can dynamically improve.
Try new reactors: cold fusion, zero point or black hole.

– Modularity and settings – All events can be configured or disabled right out of the game.
Global innovations come in the form of modules that you can turn on or off as desired.


– Q: What is a geoscape and how to build it?

A: Geoscape is the main means of interaction with the world and mod.
In it, you can see active events and respond to them, view quests and communicate with factions.
For construction requires research basics microelectronics. Then you can find it in the "Misc"

– Q: I get messages, where can I see them?

A: In Geoscape; Click on "Interaction" tab, then "Email".


– Area Multiple Selection


Combat extended –> PATCH.

– Twitch toolkit "Toolkit - More Events" –> PATCH

Additional mods (optional)

– Brrr and Phew -> additional heavy air adjustment.

– Chinese translation[]

– Massivity


VIDEO review of the mod:


RimOverhaul: List of changes and mod updates:

Update: Mar 31 2020 at 11:54

  • Update on 3/31/2020 1:54:17 PM.

Update: Mar 29 2020 at 16:37

  • Update on 3/29/2020 6:37:25 PM.

Update: Mar 18 2020 at 10:50

  • 1.1

Update: 2 Feb. 2020 at 2:01

  • Update on 2/2/2020 5:01:06 AM.

Update: 1 Feb. 2020 at 15:58

  • Update on 2/1/2020 6:57:56 PM.

Update: Jan 30 2020 at 17:17

  • New settings system, second attempt at event compatibility.

Update: Jan 28 2020 at 21:20

  • Catapult damage increased from 25 to 40;
  • Ballista damage increased from 30 to 40;

  • Updated description of the effects of a supernova explosion;

  • Now there is a modifier in the coke oven that multiplies the ingredients, time and result.

  • Fixed map deletion in the "ship wreck" event when the map was not deleted after the death of the pawns;

  • Sandstorm duration reduced to 1-3 days.

  • New event "Fair": You were invited to a fair where there will be a lot of traders (from factions whose relations are either neutral or friendly).

  • New event "Explosive fever": The Boomalops in these places spread explosive fever. If it cannot be cured in time, then the infected part may explode!

  • New Event: "Active star": The main star in your system is very active, it throws out powerful bursts of energy that cause fever and burns to everyone who is in the open during a burst.

  • Increased spawn frequency of steel and mined amount.

  • New Event: ""Place of battle"": Not far from the settlement is visible black, thick smoke. This seems to be the site of a recent battle.
    You can see what is there and rob the remaining corpses, but you need to be careful, because there can be enemies.

  • New Event: ""Prison ship accident"": An accident occurred on a galactic security prison ship, as a result of which several capsules with prisoners fell onto the planet.
    You can find and catch them, then return them to the ship and get a reward, or try to recruit them. But, probably, they will have many bad traits, such as cannibalism, psychopath and others."

  • Now the selected quest in the "Quests" section is highlighted with a frame and color;

  • Removed passive coke furnace fuel consumption.

  • Earthquake and space battle DefName changed for compatibility with other mods.

  • Alliance system: Alliances tab is now active and you can create an alliance. You can select the name of the alliance and dial fractions there, enter into agreements with the fractions within the alliance. At the moment, AI cannot create its own alliances, and most of the functionality of the alliance is not available. THIS IS A REVIEW!

  • Fixed in mineral meteorite notification.

  • Added ability to destroy a gas well through PP.

Update: 31 Oct. 2019 at 17:34

  • Small GSS faction fix.

  • Update: 20 Oct. 2019 at 10:50
    Code update for DarkNet module.

Update: 4 Sep. 2019 at 17:51

  • Added "Extract Metal From Slag" recipe into ark furnace;

  • Ark furnace base power consumption reduced by 50% (1500 now);

  • Added x10 recipe into coke furnace (x10 iron + x10 coal + x10 time = x10 steel);

  • Fixed hive crack small null references error;

  • Added alternative tunnel destruction method to 'tunnel rats' event.

  • Fixed small bug, when the success message that comes up after you destroy the tribal tunnel, the words on the popup are in russian.

  • Minimum number of days for a siege camp to be changed to 200 days.

  • Retexture catapult and ballista.

File info

  • Added by: NeoRider
  • Author: FunkyShit
  • Mod version: 31.03.2020
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 20.3 mb
  • Source: Go to
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