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[JDS] Project Gielinor


This mod project is made with the inspiration of a long-running MMORPG game called Runescape in 2007-present (OSRS), Now modded for Rimworld to manage a group of adventurer whom got themselves teleported to a new world. You must survival and build an as long as you can, as your not the only one nor the last from the old world of Gielinor.

Vanilla Changes

-Rename Oak tree to tree
-Rename Steel to Low-carbon Steel

Stats Spreadsheets


Q:what work type is fishing under?
A:you need to research fishing spot in the project gielinor tab after that it under the RS-misc tab.

Q:Is that the furnace requires smelted steel to make, unsure if this was supposed to be raw high carbon steel etc?
A:Yea to build a furnace you need the modded steel and not the high carbon steel which is the rename of the base-game steel. I gave about 400 steel in the "To The Mainland" Scenario... if you choose the other scenario your soft locking your self until you research "Trading post" and you can buy alot from there.

Q:Will there be monster like in OSRS?
A: yes so far i made Green,Red,Blue,Black Dragons, Bloodveld, Cave Crawler, Cockatrice, Chinchompa, Hellhound, Abyssa Demon, Unicron, Black Unicon, Demons and Brawler. However i haven't code them in yet might as wait for the an Monster/slayer update.

If you have probelms/issue or want to help me develops more just join my Discord

-JangoD'soul - XML,Main Artist
-Kaiser - (C# coder) Gathering.dll and RPGSscale.dll
-Taranchuk - (C# coder) TradingPost.dll
-Issue - (C# coder) Mineshaft.dll
-Project Gielinor is inspired by "2007 Runescape" made by Jagex
-Rimworld is owned by Tynan Sylvester.

You may create patches or translation for this mod, as long as you do not re-upload artwork or code.

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