Mod «Rim War» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.4)

Rim War

Rim War introduces global conquest where factions vie to become the dominant power across RimWorld.

Gone are the days of random bands of raider seeking only plunder and wanton destruction; factions are now in a race to exert their influence across the RimWorld through mobile armies, trade caravans, base settlement, and diplomacy. Arise from the ashes of your unfortunate circumstances and use all the assets at your disposal to become a powerful influence across the globe.

Armies (warbands and scouting parties), settlers, and caravans for all factions can now be seen on the world map and will have practical purposes, destinations, and associated events. Existing events such as raids, trader caravans and more are all generated by AI action and represented as an icon on the map. The more combat power a settlement has, the more difficult raids or wealthy caravans a faction settlement can generate.

Rim War introduces a new winning condition to defeat a rival faction

Overall faction power is a composed of settlements, warbands, scouting parties, and settlers and the amount of faction power determines the size and strength of armies, caravans, and settlers that AI faction can generate. Defeating an enemy army, gifting, or trading with other factions directly affects their faction power. Faction interaction matters - form alliances, subjugate the weak, and destroy dangerous enemies across the world to create winning conditions.

Factions will interact with each other to form alliances or declare war. Take advantage of warring factions and strike while they are weak; or declare an alliance with a friendly factions to fight your wars for you.


- Adds new global map objects: Warband, Scouts, Trade Caravan, and Settler
- These map objects trigger events and replace several storyteller events like raids and caravans; for example, if a Warband from a hostile faction enters the players settlement, it triggers a raid
- Does not interfere with 'quest' related events
- All global map objects are assigned combat power; this combat power determines the power of the associated event
- Adds a new Victory condition to defeat a rival faction (completely wipe them off the map!)
- Adds new map sizes (land coverage) when starting a new game
- All factions are assigned a behavior (Warmonger, Aggressive, Cautious, Merchant, Expansionist) and will focus on actions that compliment their behavior
- Factions will interact with each other and develop their power by establishing trade, assaulting other AI settlements, or establishing new settlements
- Adds diplomacy actions for War and Alliances which shape the actions a faction will perform
- Adds a challenging new game condition to start hostile or at war with nearly all other factions

Mod compatibility:

Empire - compatible:
- Player settlements are recognized as "vassal" factions to the player
- Vassal states are able to generate units at the direction of the player

Faction Resources - replaced by features in this mod. Rim War uses a unique resource/point system assignment for every map object, and every faction has a power rating based on the cumulative power of all map objects in their factions. Events are driven by the combat power associated with each map object (eg a Warband with 1000 combat power generates a much larger raid than a Warband with 100 combat power)

Preemptive Strike - incompatible and unnecessary to run both mods simultaneously. All Raids and Caravans are associated with map objects, so you can always see raids or caravans coming (and even raids or caravans between AI factions).

Dynamic Diplomacy - many similar features, unnecessary to run both mods. Faction interaction in Rim War occurs as a result of actions performed by objects on the map (eg an AI faction capturing the settlement of another AI faction would only occur after a Warband or Scout party was dispatched, traveled to, and defeated the other faction's settlement).

Faction Interaction - no known incompatibilities at this time; both mods should run together without issues

My Little Planet - compatible!
Faction Control - compatible, but will "stack" settlements on top of each other when faction count is high and a small planet coverage.

[KV]Faction Control: no known issues

28.08.22 (1.2-1.3)


Version 05.02.22 for RimWorld (v1.2-1.3)


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  • Added by: Den Martin
  • Author: Torann
  • Mod version: 22.10.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 1.2 mb
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