Mod «环·战列巡航舰 Rim·Battlecruiser» for Rimworld (v1.3)

环·战列巡航舰 Rim·Battlecruiser

"Who called in the fleet?"

This Mod provides the construction of Starport and its ancillary buildings, and can enlist "Battlecruiser" to join the battle.

This Mod's strength can be controlled by controlling the number of ancillary buildings. The more ancillary buildings there are in the 2 spaces around Starport, the stronger the performance of the "Battlecruiser".

Abnormal operation:

Sos2: according to the feedback, the Battlecruiser cannot be correctly generated in space (I don't understand the code of sos2, and I don't have enough technology to be compatible now)

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File info

  • Added by: TOP-Mods
  • Author: 空曜
  • Mod version: 16.08.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 12.3 mb
  • Source: Go to
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