Mod «Androids Expanded: Firefighter Drone» for Rimworld (v1.3)

Androids Expanded: Firefighter Drone

Cheap but single use sacrificial Firefoam popper on wheels! This is hopefully somewhat balanced. Feedback welcome. Also, Would love someone to come up with some textures lol.


  • 150 Steel
  • 3 Components

Upon detonation you will get back 10 steel and 1 component.

Firefoam Radius: 15 (over stock 9.9)

Fast walking speed to get to fires faster.

This WILL damage colonists.

  • Needs Androids Expanded to work.
  • If you have Fire Extinguisher (Continued) this drone can use a fire extinguisher. It (the drone) will still explode if it gets too close to fire.

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