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For how much demand I've seen for a Stargate mod... nobody seems to have done it. Well that changes now! This mod adds stargates to the rim, and lets your daring colonists/savage tribespeople travel anywhere on the planet (as long as there's a stargate there).


This mod adds three types of stargates:

  • Makeshift stargates - These stargates are one-use only cheap transportation devices, for when you need to quickly get to another gate and you don't happen to have one spare. These stargates can't support irises.
  • Stargates - Your standard old stargates. They are activated using a seperate DHD linkable.
  • Advanced stargates - Functionally the same to regular stargates, except that they can be built by your colonists and have a built in DHD.


How to get one
First, you need to go to an exotic goods trader / shaman trader and buy stargate glyphs from them. Outlander settlements will always have at least one glyph slab, and neolithic settlements may have some. If you have the 'glyph decoding' research, you can interact with the glyph slab, which once complete will add a new site to your map guaranteed to contain a stargate. From there, you can either connect to the site using a makeshift stargate or go there on foot.

Risks and Rewards
From time to time, Randy might look down upon your colony and decide to send some pirates through your stargate. If you have fancy fabrication technology, however, you can stop these pirates from coming through using an iris.
With the risk of a raid right in the middle of your base, there better be a good reward! Well, they also allow for instant travel between any of your colonies, with no power requirement! On top of that, they can also lead to secret treasures hidden within ancient, forgotten structures. All you need to do is get lucky and find the right glyphs from a trader.

Using a stargate
To use a regular stargate, get a pawn to interact with the DHD, and select a location to dial to. After some time has passed, a connection with the other gate will be made, and an unstable vortex will destroy anything in front of the stargate. The DHDs of makeshift and advanced stargates are integrated into the gate itself, so there is no seperate module required. Watch out for the vortex, though! Also, remember that pawns can only go through a stargate one way, through the dialling side. Don't go through a stargate with an incoming wormhole, it's pretty lethal!
To install an iris, finish the iris research and create an iris installation kit at the fabrication bench. Then, get a pawn to interact with it and target a stargate. Makeshift stargates can't support irises, so use them quickly.

Building your own gate network
If you want to transport your pawns across the world without the overhead of making new colonies, you can bring a stargate to any tile and click "Create stargate site" in the caravan gizmos. Don't put an iris on the gate, as it will be deleted and raids don't come through these sites anyway. To enter the site, you can either right click on it with a caravan or dial it using any stargate. To make the site more recognizable, you can click on the site and rename it.
To delete the site, enter the site and bring the gate and DHD with you. If there are no gates or DHDs on the map when your pawns leave, it will automatically be destroyed.

Supports existing saves.

Requires: Vanilla Expanded Framework

  • Enemies should no longer spawn in the unstable vortex (they may still walk into it afterwards)
  • Any stack over >2000 market value total will be rebalanced to be <2000
  • Fixed bug preventing stargates from being reinstalled
  • Rebalanced research cost of irises and gates

Version 09.08.22 for Rimworld (v1.3)


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