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From Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust
From Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust
We therefore commit this body to the ground, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Each and every colonist deserves a burial suited to their religion. If your colony believes that nature is most sacred, it doesn't make any sense to put the remains of your people in a stone coffin unable to return back into the earth. This mod aims to solve that by adding several new funeral types for your ideoligions:

  1. Natural Burials - Return your bodies to the earth and let their spirits come back as trees to guide your colonists onwards
  2. Heroic Burials - Show your colonists the proper respect they deserve. The richer your colony, the higher the expectation your colonists will have of how extravagent their burial chambers should be
  3. Cannibal Burials - Flesh in the ground is flesh wasted. We partake in the flesh of our fallen so that we may bring their spirits into our own. In this way we are never truly separated from the departed
  4. Pirate Burials - We have no time to dock this ship and hold a land funeral! Throw them in a casket overboard and we'll drink to their memory instead
  5. Ceremonial Cremation - Our dear raiders will live on in the heavens, so we commit their bodies to ash so as not to be chained to this planet anymore

As of now Ceremonial Cremations have not been added

Natural Burial
As we came from the earth so too should we be returned to it

With the Nature Supremacy meme you'll be given a new precept and funeral ritual: The Natural Burial. With this meme you'll have to bury your colonists in a Natural Grave and give them a ritual sendoff, allowing their spirit to return to the natural flow of the planet. At the conclusion you'll find in the place of the grave a new Ancestor Tree of your departed colonist. Meditating at this Ancestor Tree will very slowly increase some of the skills of your colonists - specifically the skills that the departed colonist was the most passionate about. As you commune with Ancestors gone, you'll receive a bit of their wisdom.

On the other hand, there's no longer the option to hold a funeral for those whose bodies are no longer around. If a corpse has been destroyed then your colonists will be upset that their loved ones could not be returned to the ground, with how upset they are being based on how close to the colonist they were. Because Ancestor Trees are direct representation of departed loved ones, if an Ancestor Tree is destroyed then your colonists will also be upset, especially if it's from the tree of a close loved one. You aren't the only ones to hold these beliefs though. If you're assaulting an enemy who holds Nature Supremacy above all others and you have the luxury of time, you can always try destroying the bodies of the dead with explosives to lower their mood. Who knows, you might even send one of them on a mental break.

Pirate Burial
Back to the briny depths with ye

We have no time nor love for landlubbers. When you die on the ship, you get buried on the ship, except we have no desire to sleep next to the dead so into the sea you'll go. A pirate funeral isn't about long speeches or teary goodbyes, we throw our comrades into a barrel of their favourite booze and send them down into the depths while we drink to their memories!

What do you mean there are Space Pirates as well? Yarr, we knew that of course. How do we throw casks overboard when there's no water? It's simple, we strap the body into a cheaply made shuttle and fire them into Space! Who cares if it hits another ship, once it's left ours it's someone else's problem now!

In order to activate this precept, first remove the regular Funeral ritual, change the Pirate Burial precept and then add your Pirate Funeral ritual in.

Cannibal Funeral
But if you're gonna dine with them cannibals sooner or later, darling, you're gonna get eaten...

Live by eating humans, die by getting eaten by humans. Rather than putting all that succulent flesh into the ground to rot away, we celebrate the life of our companions by eating their flesh. In doing so we bring parts of their soul into our own, their life informing ours. Through the act of eating, we will keep our loved ones close to us forever.

Heroic Funeral
Since it is so likely that children will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage

In our colony each of us is a Hero in both life and death. We build our colony on their backs and should honour them as such. Whether we have naught but a wooden tomb to put their casket in or the means to enshrine them in Gold and Jade we will give them whatever we can afford. When we remember them in their tombs, we hope that they'll remember us and look over us with warmth.

For this precept you'll be unable to start a burial ritual for someone who's not in a tomb building with certain impressiveness requirements that depend on your colonies expectations. Starting off that might mean you just need to put them in a wooden building with some torches though as your wealth grows you'll have to bury them in a large tomb with fine flooring and marble columns. In return, when your colonists meditate at the body of your heroes they'll bless you with a small amount of protection for a day

Requires: DLC Ideology and  Harmony

04.06.22 (1.3)


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