Mod «Save Our Ship 2» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.3)

Save Our Ship 2

This mod serves as a comprehensive overhaul of spaceflight. Build an orbital fortress, explore the wreckage of ancient ships, battle pirates - or become one - and travel back and forth between distant RimWorlds! Discover the secrets of evolving your ship's AI into a true archotech, and rule the Rim!

In vanilla RimWorld, the ship's only purpose is to serve as an expensive win condition. SoS2 aims to make it a relevant gameplay element from mid-late game onwards. Once you've built a basic ship and launched it into orbit, it plays a number of roles: as a (relatively) safe place to store a small amount of loot/colonists, a resource sink as you expand it into a full-fledged space station, and - most importantly - a launch point for orbital quests and ship battles, and a quick way to reach any spot on the planet.

For more details, especially regarding the mechanics of ship combat, check out our wiki.

The mod requires: HugsLib.

  • Living pawns no longer generate with hologram equipment
  • Remove RecipeMaker from hologram equipment so that it no longer shows up as a dummy recipe at workbenches
  • Superheavy dropships now have a total of eight color variations, which can be swapped via a gizmo. Special thanks to Morphium for making these alternate versions!
  • If a mod conflict allows holograms to equip non-holographic weaponry, that weaponry no longer vanishes when the hologram explodes or changes to melee/ranged mode
  • Royalty downed shuttles quests now target unoccupied shuttle bays
  • Added CompColorable to archotech hull
  • Damaged reactors now warn the player when pawns are suffering radiation burns
  • Added "space telescope" which can be used under ship roofs
  • In case you want to use psycasts to skip enemies into your ship's engines, the center of the killzone is technically walkable
  • Fixed a rare issue with engine rotation not saving/loading properly

Version 05.04.22 for RimWorld (v1.0 - 1.3)


File info

  • Added by: Lucifer
  • Author: Kentington
  • Mod version: 10.04.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 102.0 mb
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