Mod «A Dog Said... Animal Prosthetics» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.3)

A Dog Said... Animal Prosthetics

Adds prosthetics/bionics and surgeries for VANILLA animals.
MODDED animals only supported if a patch for said mod is available.
NO new save needed

THIS IS COMPATIBLE WITH EPOE and RBSE, no patches needed!
it has also been made compatible in CE!

Following parts are added to the game:

A Dog Said Research Tab: Simple Animal Prosthetics, Animal Bionics, Animal Healing

  • animal brain stimulator
  • bionic animal eyes
  • bionic animal heart
  • bionic animal lung
  • bionic animal kidney
  • bionic animal liver
  • bionic animal stomach
  • simple/bionic animal ears
  • simple/bionic animal jaw
  • simple/bionic animal spine
  • simple/bionic animal arms (UPDATE: the game doesnt consider Megasloths
  • animals with arms" anymore so only Monkeys can have arms!)
  • peglegs
  • simple/bionic animal legs
  • simple prosthetic tail
  • simple prosthetic nose
  • power claws as leg replacements

All parts can be obtained from traders, except peglegs.
All parts can be crafted at the animal prosthetics bench, after research of electricity and simple animal prosthetics

All parts need medicine skill and 1 medicine to be installed.

Animal Healing of old wounds requires research, min med skill of 10 and 5 normal medicine. (make sure animals are set to receive it, applies to all animal categories)


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